Hello! My name's Arlene—welcome to my portfolio!

I've been passionately putting my writing, research, and content creation skills to use for my entire professional career. Between my time as a staff reporter in a robust newsroom, public relations executive, film and media acquisitions associate, and freelance journalist, I've honed my polished writing abilities for over thirty years.

My work has appeared in dozens of regional publications throughout the northeast and beyond, and I look forward to expanding this repertoire with additional assignments from anyone in need of a veteran writer and content creator.

From lifestyle and human interest stories, food, arts, and culture, and profiles, biographies, and celebrity interviews, to health and wellness, real estate, decorating and home improvement, and product marketing, literature, descriptions, and reviews, I can author captivating content and produce powerful prose for any need your company or publication might have.

Please enjoy the wide range of articles I’ve included in this portfolio, and never hesitate to reach out with inquiries or requests to ArleneiGross@aol.com. I look forward to working with you soon!